Goodbye hated job: the funniest reasons of the dismissal

Updated: Feb 15, 2019.

Sometimes leaving the hated job can amuse as the employee as his colleagues.

The main reason for the dismissal of the majority people is the low salary. For some, leaving the work is a real treat. So to celebrate, they write the most unusual and original letter of resignation.

Goodbye hated job

According to the polls of sociologists, slightly less than half of office employees from time to time think about quitting, and every fifth person think seriously about changing of the working place. The main reason for finding a new job is dissatisfaction of wages. Often, the work itself, and especially dismissal lead to stress and disease. Then you just need to use special drugs that can be mostly found in the pharmacy – Singapore Medic.

The material question becomes decisive for four out of five respondents. Two of five begin to look for another job, if there are no opportunities for personal growth or there are poor working conditions. And every third is afraid of reduction, so he is looking for variants just “as a precaution”. Among other reasons “white collars” list the unpleasant staff and conflicts with management.

The list of the funniest reasons.

But the dismissal is not the reason for depression, if person has a sense of humor and positive attitude. Sometimes leaving a hated job can amuse as the employee as his colleagues.

American recruiting company OfficeTeam conducted the survey among 1300 managers in companies in the United States and Canada and compiled the list of the most unusual reasons for leaving. According to the results, when it comes to leave the work, some workers approach this matter very creative and they puzzle their leaders.

-The woman resigned because her boss lost the dog she gave him.

-One person dismissed because he had lost his phone at work for many times.

-One employee left the work to take part in a reality show.

-The worker said that he changes jobs every six months.

-The man dismissed to grow apples on the farm.

-The man left the job to climb Everest mount.

-The employee left his post to learn how to play the trombone.

-The employee resigned because he wants to hold a beauty contest.

-One worker quit his job to play in a rock band.

-The employee resigned because his salary seemed to him unreasonably high.

-The woman quit because she didn’t want to work so hard.

-One person said he was bored at this site.

-One person quit because of the dress code at work.

-The man said he can’t get up early in the morning.

-The employee resigned because he didn’t like how it smells in the office.

-Another employee could not eat in the dining room.

-The employee left the work to watch the football championship.

-The man dismissed because he wanted to watch movies with his girlfriend during the working hours.

-The employee resigned because he didn’t like the color of the walls.

-The employee left because the office building was unattractive.

-And someone thought that the lobby in the office is too small.

-The woman hated the lighting in the building.

Naturally, the list of the most ridiculous reasons for dismissal does not end there.

The head of one company said to his system administrators that they had spent too much toilet paper during the working hours. For this, he deprived the department of the bonus. Moreover, there would be no paper in the toilets. A few days later the workers came to the personnel department with a roll of toilet paper on which carefully and, fortunately, with the pen, were written resignations on behalf of all employees.

The employee of one company accused her employer in her losses on the slot machines. The employee had written the resignation letter: “I ask to dismiss me at my own will, as I can no longer work in such difficult conditions. The general director of our company N. N. negatively affects me and he has deprived me of the good luck. Because of his fault I have lost lot of money in the slot machines.” The woman was asked to rewrite the application, she was threatened that otherwise she would be sacked with the words “avid gamer”.

The application on the cake.

Another unusual thing happened in the United States. An employee of the American company was forced to leave his place of work due to the moving to another state. To report the sad news he decided with wit and humor, choosing the original method.

In the morning, the employees found in the office a huge cake. “Please accept this cake as a delicious official statement of resignation,” — ran the inscription on it. With this original cake the employee wanted to express his friendly feelings to his staff and superiors, as well as to sweeten at least a little the bitterness of parting. The case when the employee reported about the dismissal with baking is not single. There is a popular story on the network, when the customs officer of London airport put on the table of the director “sweet” explanatory of resignation.  In the message made of cream Stansted Chris Holmes explained his decision. The Internet users posted the picture of the cake on the Reddit forum, where the news for one day received over two thousand of comments.